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Our history

Welcome to Apolis Greek Street Food 

A taste of tradition straight  from Greece to the streets of Lisle. We'd like our customers at Apolis to experience the mouth-watering authentic flavors of this family-run cuisine. Served with homely Greek hospitality, the Apolis team has perfected their recipes over decades in making Yeero. 

Taste a true authentic traditional Yeero 

 Top quality lamb, pork and chicken from Americas best meat suppliers, filleted and marinated with spices and sauces according to customary recipes and layered one by one for roasting on a conventional vertical spit. The fat drains for a leaner cut while constant basting enhances the tantalizing flavors. Served with an old-style pita bread unique to Apolis Greek Street Food, homemade tzatziki and the finest farm-sourced tomatoes, onions, potatoes. This is what the real taste of traditional Yeero is. 

Only the best

It Begins with our Food's Origins 

 Our lambs graze in open pastures. Free from all of the bad stuff. 

Our potato farmers live for potato farming. Four generations old. 

Our bakers bake for the love of Artisanal perfection.  

We source the freshest veggies from growers and producers, many less than a few hours from our store. 

We do food honestly 

We will only partner with people like us. Families who value quality, sustainability and integrity. Whether they’re growing olives or farming chicken. We do food honestly. 

Our commitment is actually pretty simple: to honor our Greek heritage, to share our favorite family recipes, to serve joy to all who walk through our doors, to make our food feel like home. 

Welcome to  Apolis

We cater all your needs

 Our services include pick up, delivery catering, delivery catering with  set-up, delivery catering with service staff, or full scale event  management. Our specialties include special event catering for weddings,  corporate events, home parties and full event management. We can  provide buffet catering for twenty people, an elegant wedding for  hundreds, or even a themed event for thousands of guests. Our event  coordinators are always prepared to help plan your menu. 



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1109 Maple Ave

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Apolis Greek Street Food



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